When we talk about heavily-researched domains like computer vision (CV), worldwide events always come with big announcements and paradigm shifts. Along with letting you in on the latest happenings and datasets releases in the CV world, these events can also widen your network and help you solve functional challenges. We have compiled a list of upcoming conferences of 2018 you need to keep an eye on:


Where: Vancouver, Canada

When: 12-16th August, 2018

SIGGRAPH or special interest group on computer graphics and interactive techniques is an annual conference on computer graphics organized by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. You should attend if you want to learn, create, discover, share or bond with other great minds in the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

British Machine vision conference

Where: Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

When: 3rd-6th September, 2018

The British Machine vision conference (BMVC) is an annual conference on machine learning, pattern recognition and image processing. 28 editions of BMVC have already been conducted since 1985. This year, the conference has already received a record high 862 paper submissions, out of which 258 have been accepted. The conference has also joined hands with big companies like Microsoft, Apple and NVIDIA. Keynote speakers include Professor Rama Chellappa of the University of Maryland and Professor Sven Dickinson of the University of Toronto. 

The European Conference on Computer Vision

Where: GASTEIG cultural center, Munich, Germany

When: 8th-14th September, 2018

Held after every 2 years, the European Conference on Computer Vision is one of the premier computer vision conferences. The conference will run for 6 days till the 14th. It includes technical sessions, poster sessions, tutorial talks and workshops. The general chairs of the event include Daniel Cremers of Technical University of Munich and Ramin Zabih of Cornell Tech, USA among others.

Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention

Where: Granada, Spain

When: 16th-20th September, 2018

The 21st edition of the international conference on medical image computing and computer assisted intervention will bring together engineers, clinicians and biomedical scientists from all over the world who have been working with medical imaging and computer assisted intervention. Every year, social events are also organized along with keynote presentations and technical sessions.

AutoSens Brussels

Where: AutoWorld Venue, Brussels, Belgium

When: 17-20 September 2018

The award winning automotive sensor and perception conference, AutoSens is virtually the hottest event of the calendar for people working on vehicle autonomy. The conference will include workshops, lectures, technical sessions and paper presentations by some of the biggest names in the world of advanced driver-assistance systems. In 2016, around 330 technologists and engineers got together to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs in the field of autonomous vehicles. This conference is ideal for engineers, businesses and researchers alike.

Mathias Lehmann of the University of Applied Sciences says: “AutoSens is excellent to get in touch with relevant persons and topics in the area of autonomous driving.”

International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

Where: Madrid, Spain

When: 1-5 October, 2018

The International conference on intelligent robots and systems (IROS) is considered the flagship conference in the domain of robotics. The conference includes (but is not limited to) papers, tutorials, competitions, forums, entrepreneurial activities, industrial activities, late breaking results, special sessions and workshops. According to the official website, around 3000 attendees are expected to join the conference. The robotic exhibition is planned to have more than 150 stalls. The attendees will include researchers, engineers, exhibitors, competing teams and VIPs.

Mondial Tech

Where: Paris Convention center

When: 2nd-6th October, 2018

Mondial Tech is a B2B event held at the Paris Convention center. The event brings together experts in the field of automobiles and mobility. The itinerary of the event will include different lectures, keynotes, startup pitches, competitions, expert reviews and summits. Some of the speakers include Alexei Andreev, the managing director of AutoTech VC and Patrick Bastard, expert leader at Renault. The event is ideal for automobile manufacturers, tech giants, startups and equipment manufacturers who want to cement their place in the transportation and mobility market.

ADAS & autonomous vehicles USA conference

Where: Suburban collection showplace, Novi, Michigan

When: 16th-17th October, 2018

The ADAS & autonomous vehicles USA conference is of the most highly regarded US event in the field of AI, vision processing and self-driving. The conference will include speakers like Aravind Kallas of Volvo and Rini Sherony of Toyota. The audience is expected to include more than 250 engineers and executives. Companies like Mercedes-Benz, Amazon, Bloomberg, Sony, BOSCH and HYUNDAI are also expected to be a part of the event.


Where: Tokyo, Japan

When: 4th-7th December, 2018

The 11th edition of the SIGGRAPH Asia will host some of the most decorated and respected technical and creative people who are working in the fields of digital imaging, science, interactivity, education and other emerging technologies. The itinerary of the events includes keynotes, lectures, symposiums, technical briefs and technical paper presentations. Some of the keynote speakers include David Oh from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Erik Demaine who is a professor in computer science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Originally published on August 02, 2018 Topics: Machine Learning Deep Learning Data Science Computer vision


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